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We're great partners for all companies who view communication as an ongoing management function, essential for the wellbeing of the organization. Our experience tells us this is the best way to look at it in order to achieve great, long standing results. While our press conferences and press releases do, usually, get great coverage, we don't offer them as separate services as we believe such tools work well as parts of a continuous dialogue, rather than as random bursts of communication.

Most of our clients have been teaming with us for years, and we take pride in the results we achieved together in time. True to our boutique approach, we aim to work with a limited number of long term, happy clients. Because this makes us happy as well.


Fabryo Corporation is the leading manufacturer of decorative coatings in Romania, selling all its products on the domestic market. The company produces paints, varnishes, finishings, primers sold under well established brands such as Savana, INNENWEISS and ROST.

Fabryo Corporation owns and operates the largest manufacturing facility in South-Eastern Europe, the result of a 20 million EUR investment. It also has the biggest computer-assisted coloring network nationwide. Fabryo Corporation is fully owned by the Swedish private equity fund Oresa Ventures. For more information please visit www.fabryo.comwww.savanaculoare.ro


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